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Released in 2014 the “TINY” is bigger, heavier, stronger, more robust and will dig just about anything.

All models within the range fold to 3.5 meters for transport and have up to 300kgs of penetrating weight per disc. They are a fixed frame machines with swinging gangs that go up to 8.5mtrs wide with adjustable cutting angles making them ideal for irrigation applications as well as general cultivation work. Because the frame and gangs are built from such larger sections of RHS (up to 250mm x 150mm x 16mm wall thickness) all of the TINY models are suited to hard rough work where other discs are not really well suited. 
It has various options within the range and can take everything from a 26″ disc through to a 36″ disc. If you think you may want even bigger then we have the TINY XL for you which can take a 42″ disc.
To help you decide which model will suit your needs best please see below a brief outline of each model that comes under the TINY range

TINY230 – The most popular of all the TINY’s due to it’s true versatility the TINY230 can take up to a 28″ disc and has the standard 9″ (230mm) disc spacing that we use for all our general purpose cultivation machines. TINY230 is well suited to applications where a fine tilth is required and a full cut out is required at shallow depths. However if you want to work deep in really tight and hard to penetrate soil then it will do that with ease too. – NEW… TINY235 all the same great advantages but with the ability to take a 32″ disc.
TINY290 – This machine has found its home mostly working behind bulldozers or scrub tractors where clearing of regrowth is required as well as pulling rough country back into shape is of main importance. Standard on 32″ discs with the option to take a 36″ disc all with 11 1/2″ (290mm) disc spacings, this model is also suited to deep working in irrigation and rowcrop applications. – NEW… TINY260L all the same great advantages but with the standard Grizzly 1 1/2″ axle only available on the 32″ disc

TINY390 – With all the same frame specifications as the TINY290 but with wider disc spacings of 390mm (15 1/3″) disc spacings. This machine is set up primarily for mixing soils to maximum depth. 250mm mixing depth can be consistantly acheived with these wide spacings and large discs. Its proven its self to bring tired and under performing cropping country back to life. NEW… TINY XL460 the all new machine with 42″ discs for even deeper working
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