Case Crawler Dozers In Australia

Packed with features and engineered for Australian conditions, these dozers are set to create new standards in the industry.

The wait will soon be over for CASE Construction’s innovative new Crawler Dozers, due to land on Australian shores in 2017.

On offer will be three exciting new models, providing operators with new technology, added efficiency and the muscle to get the job done across a wide range of applications.

New to the line-up are the L and M-Series, comprising the 1150L, the 1650L and the powerful 2050M – all focused on providing increased efficiency and performance in an operator-friendly package.

The powerful 6.7 litre Fiat Power Train (FPT) Industrial engine used in all three models ensures high torque back-up under load.

When the tractive effort grows and the rpm tends to drop, the engine power grows up to 16 per cent till 1800rpm. The result is constant performance and higher pulling capacity. In addition, the ability to work with high torque at lower engine rpm reduces engine wear.

The state-of-the-art common rail engine delivers top performance in load response, max torque, power and fuel economy. The combustion is optimised for maximum efficiency, occurring at high temperatures and using 100 per cent fresh, cool air, as the air intake is separated from the exhaust.

The turbocharged engine with an air-to-air intercooler relies on well proven multi injection technology to maximise torque back-up and fuel efficiency with reduced engine noise and vibrations.




Gross power in the 1150L is an impressive 130hp (97kW) at only 2,200rpm, while the 1650L delivers a hefty 156hp (116kW) also at 2,200rpm.

Coupled to these engines are entirely re-engineered dual path, hydrostatic transmissions, offering best-in-class pulling capacity combined with the manoeuvrability benefits that hydrostatic technology brings.

Further helping to drive the high torque to the ground are triple reduction final drives, reducing working pressure and load on the dozers and improving overall efficiency.

To ensure they strive in the hands of demanding Australian operators, and in tough local conditions, the CASE Crawler Dozers make use of a robust undercarriage design.

Both the 1150L and 1650L are standard with  XLT tracks, providing excellent drawbar pull force and ensuring perfect dozing and grading accuracy at the same time.

From the cabin, the operator enjoys unmatched visibility, allowing them to work with more confidence. Comfort is also impressive with an air-suspended seat that smooths out the bumps and allows for longer periods at the controls with reduced fatigue. The cabin also benefits from a powerful air conditioning system and has best-in-class noise levels.

Operating the new dozers is a simple affair via the electro-hydraulic joystick. The joystick allows the operator to customise the reversing and steering sensitivity for faster and more efficient cycles, and the decelerator pedal can be used to either reduce the travel speed only, or travel speed and engine rpm.

Thanks to the PAT (Power Angle Tilt) blade, operators can do the job faster, easier and in greater comfort, increasing machine productivity and the capability to work in very different applications and environments. As a further bonus, the low-effort blade hydraulics feature powerful cylinders that move the blade smoothly and with full control, and the mechanical pitch blade can be set between 50° to 60° to suit every dozing application and ground condition. It’s these characteristics that provide the new range with the flexibility to be used in residential, commercial, utility work, as well as in road and bridge preparation work.

CASE Dozers are designed to provide ground access to all periodic service and check points, to help facilitate more convenient maintenance and extend machine life. Furthermore, the tiltable cab on the L Series provides full accessibility to all the main components.

The new L-Series Crawler Dozers are available with extensive standard equipment plus a wide selection of optional gear if the application requires it. This includes rear draw bar, ripper with three shanks, additional work lamps and much more.




In engineering and developing the CASE 2050M Crawler Dozer, CASE has called on well over 60 years of expertise in developing market-leading dozers. The result is a technologically-advanced dozer that will efficiently make short-work of the most demanding and heavy-duty applications.

The M-Series boasts drawbar pulling leadership, which is achieved from the combined hydrostatic and common rail engine, providing best-in-class pulling capacity and controllability. So whatever attachment is being used, blades, tracks, rippers or winches, the dozer delivers fast cycle times and strong efficiency benefits.

Power in the 2050M comes courtesy of another 6.7 litre unit, enhanced to produce an impressive Gross output of 232hp (173kW) @ 2,200rpm. Like its L-Series stablemates, the 2050M also boasts turbocharging, air-to-air intercooling and multi injection to maximise torque back-up and fuel efficiency, along with reducing engine noise and vibration. The engine is designed to produce high torque levels at lower rpm, ensuring strong tractive effort and performance while minimising engine wear.

With its ease of use and superior manoeuvrability, a dual path hydrostatic transmission and triple reduction final drives are again called on to feed power to the tracks. Standard on the 2050M is the CASE Lubricated Track (CLT), which is sealed and lubricated with an oil reservoir in each pin.

For long wear life, pins and bushings are sealed to keep the contamination out while maintaining lubrication.

In abrasive soil conditions, the exclusive CASE Extended Life Track (CELT) provides outstanding durability. CELT makes use of a second hardened bushing that is free to rotate on the standard bushing, allowing wear to be distributed over the entire circumference of the outer bushing. Additionally, the sprocket is constructed using 40 per cent more material, extending the life of the teeth. Considering that maintenance of the undercarriage represents on average 50 per cent of a dozer’s maintenance costs, the CASE solution brings clear benefits.




Other performance features that provide the 2050M with an edge in demanding Australian conditions, particularly the high summer temperatures, is a heavy duty ‘V’ shape cooling package. This package includes a hydrostatic reversible fan and radiators that are mounted without overlap so that each radiator receives fresh air and constant fluid temperatures are maintained.

The hydrostatic fan continuously adapts its speed to match the real cooling demand, reducing power absorption while the reversing mode reduces maintenance needs and extends cleaning intervals.

Operating the 2050M is simple with an intuitive electrohydraulic joystick that allows the user to customise the reversing and steering sensitivity to best suit themselves, providing faster and more efficient cycles. And as with the L-Series, the decelerator pedal can be used to either reduce the travel speed only or the combined travel and engine speed.

Further aiding operator control is the automatic blade function, which provides more customised performance. In addition to the standard blade functions, the user can use the on-board computer from the joystick, and the blade reaction can be set from three levels of sensitivity. The grading button immediately reduces the speed by 50 per cent for more accurate soil contour, while the ‘shaking mode’ enables the operator to shed material quickly, a useful function especially when working with sticky soil.

From the cabin, the user is treated to unmatched visibility thanks to a forward seating position that provides complete blade visibility. This scenario allows the operator to work more efficiently and productively while a multi-adjustable, air-suspended seat, powerful air conditioning system, best-inclass noise level performance and other cabin ergonomics ensure an excellent working environment and reduces stress even after extended periods at the controls.

While the operator will love the comfort, control and usability, the 2050M’s user-friendliness is also extended to its maintenance requirements, where careful consideration has been given to minimise downtime as much as possible during servicing.

The hydrostatic transmission has less complexity and lower maintenance requirements compared to a more traditional one. If access is required, belly plates on the bottom of the machine means controls and transmission components are within easy reach. In a further benefit, the final drive installation on the main dozer frame also allows dismounting while leaving the hydrostatic components in place. The transmission can even be reached through the cab floor, so it can be serviced directly on the job site to further minimise down time.

For faster general maintenance checks, a new single piece main frame enables the operator or technician to easily service the main controls from the ground by simply opening the wide lateral shielding. Oil levels, battery status, electric components, filters and emergency cut-off switch are rationally grouped and clearly identified with colour coding. With the M-Series there’s no nonsense – the operator can quickly get ready for the working day and maximise their profits.

The M-Series’ impressive standard features list is complemented by a large range of optional equipment including a variety of rear-mounted equipment, hydraulic options, guards, blades, screens and cabin appointments.

Both the L and M-Series Crawlers Dozers are comprehensively backed by CASE’s professional, national dealer network who can offer valuable expert advice, full servicing, parts and maintenance and flexible finance solutions.

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